our goal is to develop and implement projects that will make a real difference to the communities we serve and  work with. we don’t believe in lacklustre efforts and certainly not in putting quantity over quality - as we grow, so  will our work. be sure to follow our progress. 



we initiated our first programme in May 2016 with Bahay Tuluyan, a children’s rights organisation in the Philippines. anonymous child sponsored 10 young adults who faced challenging childhoods to pursue a university education. the students we supported all previously benefited from other Bahay programmes and many give back to the organisation by contributing to or leading programmes for the younger children. many of the sponsored students balance their studies with working to support their families – our assistance helped them to focus more time on their studies, which will lead to better educational outcomes.




shortly after launching the programme with Bahay, we started working with CSC, a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Cebu. CSC also runs a school – the Cebu Children of Hope School. we decided to fund the modernization of CSC's pre-school activities including the replacement of outdated pre-reading, math and arts materials, modernization of furniture, and contribution towards teacher salaries.



working with Bahay and CSC gave us invaluable learning opportunities as a young charity and fuelled our desire to get our own work off the ground. it became clear to us that the importance of building the foundations for later life in early childhood cannot be underestimated. but despite convincing evidence, more than 200 million children under five years old do not reach their developmental potential in developing countries. without the nurturing benefits of education, it's almost impossible for these children to break out of poverty and to avoid becoming a marginalised part of society. our team has a good network in Peru, which made it a perfect place to continue where we started in the Philippines. we’ve teamed up with Fe y Alegria to provide pre-school classes to disadvantaged children in Pachachutec, one of the most underprivileged districts in Lima. our pilot programme is helping 15 children with troubled backgrounds and will soon be expanded to 30 children. we intend to open a second class of 30 children within the year.