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Anonymous Child couldn’t have asked for a better partner so soon in its short lifetime than the Children’s Shelter of Cebu in the Philippines. The shelter has a long and inspiring history of providing homes, food and medicine for abandoned, neglected and abused children. It also goes that extra mile to support their development by providing education, counselling and the relationships and emotional care they need – all of which are key to healing and nurturing the skills these children will need for a successful future.

Two CSC children

With the help of our dedicated supporters, Anonymous Child have funded the modernisation of the pre-school services of the Children School of Hope. The school was founded too overcome the difficulties the shelter experienced in educating its children - public schools were overcrowded and not set up to cope with their special needs and challenges. As well as its own residents, the Children School of Hope also offers schooling to children from the local community with special needs.

The shelter’s Director of Donor Services, Jill, told us:

“the children at our school often arrive with little or no formal education. Our low student-teacher ratios and individualised instruction allow children to receive help in the areas they need it and reach academic milestones.”

In 2016, the shelter ran its first pre-school programme in recognition of the important role an early start in education plays in academic success. Our funding will help the school purchase a pre-kindergarten maths curriculum and to replace its 18-year old, and very outdated, pre-reading and arts materials and supplies. An area rug will be purchased, which – as many of you may remember from your first nursery and primary school memories – is an integral part of early education.

The honesty and kindness of those behind CSC, and the obvious success of their work, made our decision to partner with them easy. But we took special interest in this opportunity: it is widely known that the skills pre-school develops is of vital importance in preparing children for a prosperous education but, despite this, it is often given secondary attention in third-world and developing countries which already face significant challenges in providing adequate and universal primary and secondary education.

Our team are working hard to develop our very own, and first hands-on, initiative. Be sure to stay connected to find out more about our decision to focus on the pre-school sector, and to be the first to learn about our new project...

…all will be revealed soon!

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